Hyperspectral Radiometer

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MR170 / MR304 / MRI

The hyperspectral MR Series of spectroradiometers are composed of a FTIR Michelson interferometer configured with dual output ports used to simultaneously cover the LWIR and the MWIR + SWIR spectral range. These ruggedized instruments ideal solution for a wide range of applications.


  • Military infrared target characterization
  • Atmospheric composition analysis and meteorological sounding
  • Chemical agents signature measurements,
  • Industrial emission monitoring.


  • Wide spectral range (1–15 µm), covering LWIR to NIR
  • High spectral resolution, (1 cm−1) equivalent to a filter radiometer with over 9000 channels
  • High radiometric accuracy and stability of response over a wide dynamic range
  • High NESR sensitivity, allowing characterizing weak signal in short time periods
  • Fast scanning, allowing measurement of the evolution of rapidly varying target signatures
  • Extended FOV homogeneity, leading to better accuracy no matter where the target is in the FOV
  • Compact and portable for easy deployment in field operation and airborne operation

Wide spectral range

Covering the three main atmospheric windows with a single instrument, from 1.5 to 14 µm, extends the range of possible applications, from infrared characterization to gas detection.
The MR Series spectroradiometer is composed of a dual input and output ports Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Michelson interferometer. The 4 ports configuration allows the simultaneous data acquisition from two complementary cryogenic detectors (MCT and InSb) to cover the long- to the short-wave spectral range (LWIR, MWIR & SWIR) for optimal SNR out of every measurement. The two detectors are completely independent from each other’s and feature their own lenses, filter holder and field stop aperture wheel so each detector are optimized for best performances.
  • 2 – 15 μm [667 – 5,000 cm−1] with optional extension to 1 μm [10,000 cm−1] available
  • The FTIR technology allows the equivalent up to 9000 spectral bands per spectrum


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