Particle Analyses Functionality

Capture the real-time data analysis and profile of your dry powders and bulk solids with Eyecon2 particle size analyser. Troubleshoot and improve end-product goals with particle size and shape data. Adopt automated process control to drive down production cost. Non-product contact measurement minimizes risk with hazardous materials. At-line and in-line configurations allow transition from benchtop to in-line integration and evolve with your needs. EyePASS the Image analysis software now utilizes cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Advances in Machine Learning

The AI upgrade transforms the versatility of the Eyecon2, vastly expanding the range of material types that can be measured in real time and drastically improves particle size and shape detection for materials that were previously unviable for image analysis. One of the primary steps performed by our image analysis software EyePASS is particle segmentation i.e., the detection and delineation of particles from the images sent by the Eyecon2. All measurements reported by the software are based on the results of the particle segmentation step.

Benefits of Machine Learning AI

Convolutional neural networks (CNN) iterate the trained images, assigns weights and biases to assorted objects in the image, differentiate one from the other and improves the feature of interest extraction from new unseen image data. This means EyePASS V 3.0 with ML image analysis unlocks the full power of particle size and shape analysis. ML image analysis negates difficulties with the traditional computer vision constraints of illumination and classification of materials with light absorption or light reflective properties. i.e dark materials, reflective materials etc. can now be measured for particle size distribution.

Technical Specifications

Size Range 50 – 5500 μm
Principle Measurement Method (non-product contact) Direct Imaging
Size Measurement Data D10, D25, D50, D75, D90 in numeric and volumetric with Mean and Median values all trended in real time with live histogram and S-curve results. Includes process deviation alarm.
Shape Measurement Data Eccentricity Average, Eccentricity RSD, Range 0-1
Exportable Data PDF report of recording session, CSV file with data on every image analysed with full PSD from D5-D95, captured images exportable as JPEG
Data Processing EyePASSTM real time particle analysis software installed on a dedicated IPC/PC/Laptop with Windows 10
Measurement Time ~ 5 seconds per image
Material Speed (max.) ≈ 10 m/sec
Dimensions & Weight Eyecon2 50 x 128 x 132 mm (4 kg)
Connection Hub 254 x 170 x 57 mm (1.2 kg)
Eyecon2 inc. Automated Benchtop Stage 300 x 190 x 480 mm (7.8 kg)
Power 230VAC @ 50HZ / 110VAC @ 60HZ
Casing Materials 304 Stainless steel, Glass window, Silicon gaskets
Connection Cable From Eyecon2 to Connections Hub via Speedcon quick-release power & data cable, available
in lengths up to 25 m. From Connections Hub to IPC/Laptop via USB
Illumination Source 12×3 High intensity, low energy R,G,B LEDs
Image Area 11.25 mm x 11.25 mm
Pixel Size 5.5 μm x 5.5 μm
Resolution 2046 px x 2046 px
Exposure Duration 5 μs
Sensor CMOS
GMP EyePASS is both 21 CFR part 11 & GAMP5 Compliant
Communications EyePASS is Open Platform Communications compatible with OPC UA & OPC DA 3


Making particle size analysis highly efficient

Capture the real-time data analysis of your bulk powder processes automatically with our powder and bulk solid particle size analyzer. Troubleshoot and improve end-product goals with particle size and shape data. Adopt automated process control to drive down production cost. Non-product contact automation minimises risk with hazardous materials.


Seize intelligent innovation

Manufacturers are leveraging more data into operations by embedding intelligent devices to increase functionality. Eyecon2 is Pharma 4.0 ready and compatible with the connected devices mantra of the Internet of Things. Using direct image analysis, our particle size analyzer can deliver more efficiency and accuracy than laser diffraction technology to measure particles.


Operational flexibility

Eyecon2 particle analyser can be implemented anywhere powders flow. In-line, non-product contact measurement for both Batch and Continuous processes, removing the need for sampling. Optimise product transfer and scale-up, Eyecon2 can follow and define the journey from lab to pilot to production scale, saving time and cost.


Build quality control into the process

Eyecon2 underpins QbD by affording the ability to control and predict critical quality attributes (CQAs). Knowledge of particle size and shape reveals the functional relationships linking material attributes and critical process parameters (CPPs). Eyecon2 is an enabler of Continuous Process Verification.