For Routine Analysis


  • STARe System
  • Inovative Technology
  • Versatile Modularity
  • Swiss Quality

Features and benefits of the METTLER TOLEDO TGA 2:

  • METTLER TOLEDO ultra-micro balance
  • Very low minimum weight on 5-gram-balances
  • High resolutione
  • Robust, factory endurance-tested sample robot
  • Start the experiment with just OneClick™
  • Built-in gas flow control
  • Automatic buoyancy compensation
  • Modular concept protects your investment
  • Comprehensive services

Parallel Guidance And Auto-Calibration

Balance Inside

Outstanding Technology

Sound Investment For The Future

Automatic buoyancy correction

The TGA has the capability to automatically correct for influences on a measurement that are not related to the sample such as buoyancy. This reduces the experimental time needed to produce accurate results by eliminating the need to run a blank measurement. The auto- matic correction can be switched off by the user.

Optimal atmosphere

Built-in mass flow controllers allow for precisely defining the furnace atmosphere. This allows accurate and repeatable inves- tigation of material properties under a variety of atmospheres (including vacuum) and switching of reactive gas during an experi- ment. The gastight furnace with defined conditions is essential
to obtain unambiguous informa- tion and quality results.

Furnace options

Choice of different furnace sizes allow for a wide range of possible applications.
The small furnace has the highest temperature accuracy, due to its small volume. The large furnace allows measurement of samples in crucibles up to 900 μL.

Reliable Automation

24 Hours A Day, Like A Swiss Watch

Fully automatic weigh-in

Samples can be weighed-in semi or fully automatically using the internal TGA balance in combi- nation with the sample robot. Simply place the empty crucibles for automatic weighing, and then insert a sample in each crucible. The robot will take care of the rest.

No weight change before measurement

The sample robot can remove the protective crucible lid from the crucible or pierce the lid of hermetically sealed aluminum crucibles immediately before measurement. This unique fea- ture helps to prevent any mass change between weigh-in and the measurement.

Extensive range of crucibles

We have the right crucible for every application. The crucibles are made of different materials with volumes ranging from 20 to 900 μL. All of the different types can be used with the sample robot. Available crucible materials can be found here:

Hyphenated Techniques

Provides More Material Insight

Sorption Interface

The TGA can be converted to a TGA Sorption analyzer in just a few minutes. This allows materials to be analyzed under precisely defined conditions of relative humidity and temperature

TGA-MS Interface

The TGA-MS interface is able to expand the instrument to the extremely sensitive techniques of Mass Spectrometry (MS). Similarly, you can couple a TGA to a Micro GC/MS.

TGA-FTIR Interface

FTIR can be used to characterize or identify a substance or class of molecules. The identification of the evolved gas is simplified by the ability to import the curves into STARe Software.

TGA 2 Specifications

Temperature data Small furnace (SF) Large furnace (LF)
Temperature range RT to 1100 oC RT to 1100 oC
Temperature accuracy ± 1K ± 1K
Temperature precision ± 0.4 K ± 0.6 K
Heating rate 0.02 to 250 K/min 0.02 to 150 K/min
Cooling time 20 min (1100 to 100 °C) 22 min (1100 to 100 °C)
Cooling time with helium ≤ 10 min (1100 to 100 °C) ≤ 11 min (1100 to 100 °C)
Sample volume ≤ 100 μL ≤ 900 μL

Special modes
Automation optional
Vacuum > 10 mbar > 10 mbar
TGA-Sorption no optional

Balance data XP1 XP1U XP5 XP5U
Measurement range ≤ 1g ≤ 1g ≤ 5g ≤ 5g
Resolution 1.0μg 1.0μg 1.0μg 1.0μg
Weighing accuracy 0.005% 0.005% 0.005% 0.005%
Weighing precision 0.0025% 0.0025% 0.0025% 0.0025%
Repeatability < 0.001 mg < 0.0008 mg < 0.002 mg < 0.0009 mg
Typical Minimum Weight 0.19 mg 0.16 mg 0.22 mg 0.17 mg
Internal ring weights 2
Blank curve reproducibility better than ± 10 μg over the whole temperature range


Width/depth/height 52/63/28 cm (62.5 cm with sample changer)
Weightt 40 kg (44 kg with sample changer)
Power supply 230 V, 60 Hz, 6 A or 115 V, 50 Hz, 12 A