Unique NIR sampling accessories for the most representative analysis​

This NIR laboratory equipment gives you a fast and easy Quant analysis​​.

Vial Sampler

Universal Vial Holder ACC3-8101

The arid-zone open sample compartment of the MB3000 addresses all the needs of the modern analytical laboratory. It can hold a wide variety of easily swappable ABB or third-party accessories that do not require alignment.

Universal heatable vial holder adapted for vials of 5, 8 and 12 mm OD with integrated temperature controller.
  • Holders for 5, 8 and 12 mm OD vials
  • USB Port for automatic accessory recognition
Sampling technique:
  • use a pipette to transfer sample for liquid sample
  • Semi-solid or thick samples can be softened using a microwave oven, then transferred using a glass pipette
  • Solid samples can be put directly in the vial, and melted in the heated holder (from 25ºC to 130ºC)
The perfect solution for:
  • Oils & fats
  • Emulsifiers/oil derivates
  • Food ingredients
  • Cocoa oil
  • Chemicals

Liquid sampler

ICL SL-4 Heavy Duty varying optical pathlength liquid cell.

  • Luer lock syringe fittings
  • Teflon spacer
  • Neoprene and Lead spare gaskets

Powder Bottle Sampler

Powder Samplir ACC101

The Bottle Sampler rotates continuously during analysis mixing the sample. The rotation provides you with a solid representative scanning as all particles have an equal chance of becoming part of the resulting spectrum.

  • PTFE reference vial and removable sample rotation device;
  • Specify operating voltage as 110 Vac or 220 Vac
  • Analysis of homogeneous powder samples
  • Rotates for better sample averaging (non-homogenous)
  • Option for 20ml Glass bottle or 125ml glass bottle
The perfect solution for:
  • Dried grass and silage
  • Soil
  • Compost
  • Segregating powders

Petri Sampler

Petridish Spinner ACC3-8201

Petri Spinner accessory for solids (powders, grains, pellets, agrochemicals).

The Petri Sampler is used for a well-known and versatile method of scanning. It requires homogeneous samples with no segregation. ​

You place the sample in the petri dish, which is subsequently placed in the sampler. To minimise the effect from heterogeneity, the petri dish spins continuously during analysis. The petri dish can be made from either glass, plastic, or Teflon, thus enabling use near the production area.​

The perfect solution for:
  • Grated cheese
  • Processed cheese
  • Cottage cheese
  • Milk powder
  • WPC powder
  • Food ingredient in powder form

Sprial Sampler

With the patented Spiral Sampler, you save energy as you need no drying or grinding of your sample before analysis. ​

You fill your sample into the AgriTube, seal it, and place it in the Spiral Sampler. The Spiral Sampler rotates and scans up to 375 cm2 surface in the highest FT-NIR quality offering a truly representative scanning. This is up to 20 times more scanning surface than a traditional petri dish solution. ​

Optimize your operator workflow with the easy to fill and re-usable glass tubes.

The perfect solution for:
  • Grass and hay
  • Silage
  • Seeds
  • Compost
  • Wood chips
  • Wool

Cup Sampler

The unique Cup Sampler is developed for butter analysis but is optimal for any pasty product. ​

You get an optimal operator workflow with the easiest, cleanest, fastest sample presentation for all kinds of spreads. ​

Reuse the sampling cup without cleaning in between different samples – as the product is measured from the top. The sample is placed in the cup and a smooth surface is created by scraping. To minimise the effects from heterogeneity the cup spins continuously during analysis.

As the sampling cup is made of a plastic material it is safe to use in the production area

The perfect solution for:
  • Butter – solid and liquid
  • Margarine
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cream cheese

Fiber Optics Interface

Single channel FO interface ACC121

Single channel send/receive all reflective fiber-optic interface in Arid-Zone sample compartment. Quartz halogen source image size at fiber 0.6mm x 1.6mm. Detector views 2.5 mm diameter spot at fiber both with
NA of 0.28. Can be used with any type of fibers with SMA cable connectors.