Multiple Sampling Options For MIR Analysis

MIRacle™, a universal ATR sampling kit to analyze solids, liquids, pastes, gels and intractable materials addressing the most common sampling

Standard open sample compartment.

The arid-zone open sample compartment of the MB3000 addresses all the needs of the modern analytical laboratory. It can hold a wide variety of easily swappable ABB or third-party accessories that do not require alignment.

  • Single Bound ATR (ZnSe, Ge, Diamond)
  • Multi Bound ATR (ZnSe, Ge, Diamond)
  • Horizontal ATR
  • Standard Transmission Sampling Kit
  • Evcuable Pellet Press for 13mmm Pellets-
  • Demountable liquid cell (KBr, CaF2, ZnSe)
  • Gas Cell
  • VeeMAX II
  • Beam Condenser 4x
  • uMAX Microscope
  • MIR ATR Probe (ZnSe, Diamond, ZrO2)
  • with SMA connector



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